Slipcovers or Upholstery

People ask:  Why Slipcovers over Upholstery?

Linen Slipcovers

Art d’ Fabrique offers slipcovers that fit as snug as a bug!  You may ask yourself why I can’t run into a home store and purchase a ready-made slipcover….   they are relatively inexpensive, easy to obtain, etc.  However, they are usually one size fits all and rarely achieve a tight fit, so you are fussing with them as much as you are enjoying your new look.

You can choose your fabric and get that snug as a bug fit with us!    Slipcovers not only protect your furniture, but they give you the  flexibility of changing your decor as often as you wish without having to re-upholster.  You can change the whole look of your room in seconds, decorate for the holidays, or just get plain wild and crazy with new clothing for your furniture!  It is time to give that old furniture a new look!

Recover or Reupholster?

If a sofa or chair is in good shape on the inside and all it needs is a fresh new fabric on the outside, that’s recovering. When a piece needs work on the inside, either partially or totally (new webbing, re-tied springs, new fillings, re-cushioning) that’s reupholstering. Both are the province of the upholsterer.

The upholsterer works from the frame, up… much the way the furniture maker does. So, if your old piece has a good frame, there’s some significant initial saving to be had. Using modern materials with traditional skills can provide you with results that are even better than the original. In the hands of a good professional, you can get a full measure of value for your money, and quality that’s hard to match. 

Re-upholstery or restoration is one of the few professions in the domain of the hand skills that is alive and well in the assembly line age. So, if you have a lumpy old sofa, or a frayed chair that’s beginning to shed its stuffing, take another look before dismissing it as a “has been”. It could be the beginning of a beautiful new piece. This recycling of quality furniture will bring much pleasure in seeing a fashionable new piece bounce back out of the old one.

If your old sofa (or chair) frame has stood up for ten years or more, it’s probably good or it wouldn’t have lasted that long. Good frames don’t wear out. Over the years a good wood frame has jumped 100% OR MORE IN PRICE.  Article by Jack Carr