Pelmet Workshop with Donna Skufis

by admin23 on October 6, 2010

I attended  2-Day workshop with Donna Skufis in Peoria, AZ.  The June  workshop on was about making soft cornices and pelmets with chipboard, we use many of the techniques taught by Joanna Braxton combined with Donna’s techniques using Sealah Tape in place of glue.

Chipboard: A type of paperboard generally made from reclaimed paper stock (definition in ASTM D996); the term generally used in the US.  Larger sizes can be found at your local upholstery supply business.  Sealah Tape:  A double sided industrial strength machine washable adhesive tape.

Pelmet:  A pelmet is a framework placed above a window, used to conceal curtain fixtures. These can be used decoratively (to hide the curtain rod) and also help insulate the window by preventing convection currents. It is similar in appearance to a valance, which performs the same function but is made of fabric. A pelmet can be made of plywood or chipboard, and may be painted, or fabric covered.

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